Further clarification regarding settlement Your Drinks AG

To the shareholders:

London - 6 September 2017 at 13:00 hours CET

As a result of the settlement reached with Your Drinks AG before the District Court Berlin (notification dated 20 July 2017), OIM hereby declares:

"The statement made by OIM on page 1, 2 of the Auction Protocol dated February 3rd, 2017, that the assets to be sold also consist of:

'(2) any and all claims OIM has against former (not current) directors of OIM including claims for mismanagement and breach of fiduciary duty (subject to contract and to suitable safeguards for OIM; only for a party with sufficient interest in the claim such as would be entitled under English Law to bring the claim in place of OIM)'

is hereby withdrawn and will not be repeated by OIM. The assets of OIM do not include any such claims."

Board of Directors

Mr. P. Zwart (CEO)
Mr. W. Bouma
Mr. A. van Raak


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