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To the shareholders:

LONDON - August 1, 2014 - 09:40 hours
Several changes have recently taken place within the board of directors of OIM. The press release regarding the appointment of the current board members can be found on the OIM website at the following address:, whilst the press release regarding the decision not to reappointment the former board members can be found at:

The recently appointed current board members are attempting to ascertain and determine the financial position of the company. For reasons beyond the control of the current board members, this process has not yet been completed. As such, the board of directors regrets to inform you that it is compelled to act with due care and thereby to suspend payment of dividends to the shareholders. This entails that, contrary to earlier reports, that payment of dividends will be blocked until further notice. In view of this decision, it has been decided to temporarily suspend the shares.

The board of directors aim to provide the shareholders with a dividend update and further information regarding the state of affairs of the company in the next press release at the end of August at the very latest.

To the extent possible, OIM will reimburse bank fees incurred by shareholders as a direct result of unsuccessfully attempting to cash the OIM dividend cheques prior to this press release being published.

Board of Directors

Mr. P. Zwart (CEO)
Mr. W. Bouma
Mr. A. van Raak

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