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To the shareholders:

LONDON – December 1, 2014 at 12:00 hours

The court proceedings mentioned in the press release dated 16 October 2014 are still in progress and no judgment has yet been delivered. However, OIM has, in the last few days, received a substantial amount of documentation through the court process which will need to be assessed in order to ascertain to what extent the necessary information is present to enable the current board of directors ("Board") to establish the rights and obligations of the Company with a sufficient degree of certainty. Whatever the outcome of this analysis, and despite the difficulties described in the press release dated 16 October 16 2014, the Board needs to move OIM forward in an appropriate way.

It has come to the attention of the board of directors that the shareholders wish to have further information, specifically regarding the payment of dividend. The Board will continue to make announcements in accordance with its obligations from time to time but the Board has also wishes to enable shareholders to meet the directors and have an opportunity to ask questions of the Board. As such, a meeting of shareholders will be convened by the Board in accordance with the articles with an agenda.

Currently, the proposed agenda of the meeting will include: (i) the current situation of the Company, (ii) prospects for short term (interim) dividend payments to the shareholders, (iii) the suspension of shares (unless trade should recommence at an earlier date), and (iv) appointment of auditors. More details will be provided to the shareholders when the meeting is formally convened.

The meeting will be convened on Monday, 26 January 2015 at 12:00 hours in the City of London. This will give the Board the time necessary to analyse the newly received information and to provide clarity regarding the four aforementioned topics.

The email address has been reactivated.

Board of Directors

Mr. P.R. Zwart (CEO)
Mr. W. Bouma
Mr. A. van Raak

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