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Update dividend payment

Capita Asset Services (paying agent) has confirmed to OIM that the dividend cheques were sent to all registered shareholders on 27 March 2015, as announced. Several of the cheques have subsequently been cashed.

Please note that the cheques were sent to the registered shareholders. These are the shareholders that are registered on the shareholders register held by Capita Registrars.

It is possible that you are not a registered shareholder, but a beneficiary shareholder. This entails that another party holds the legal title to the shares, whilst you hold the economic interest. This interest may have been purchased through an intermediary. Beneficiary shareholders and intermediaries do not receive the dividend cheques directly.

If the registered shareholder is also a nominee, the registered shareholder/nominee is responsible for distribution of the dividends to the (intermediaries and) beneficiary owners accordingly. If parties are located overseas, payment through nominees could take time.

Please note that OIM is not involved in the further distribution of the dividend by a nominee to the parties holding a beneficiary interest.

If you are not the registered holder but a beneficiary owner and you have not received your dividend, please ask the registered holder of the shares in which you hold the beneficial interest whether or not it has received its cheque and when it will distribute the dividends. Please note that the intermediary from which you may have purchased your shares, is not necessarily the registered shareholder.

If for whatever reason, the registered shareholder has not received the dividend cheque, it should (i) check whether their details are listed correctly in the register and (ii) contact Capita Asset Services directly. Registered shareholders may request to have the cheques reissued. Depending on the value of the cheque, there may be an administration fee.

Please note that only Capita Asset Services can reissue cheques. We therefore request that registered shareholders (on request of their beneficiary shareholders) contact Capita Asset Services directly.

The contact details for Capita Asset Services are as follows:

Capita Asset Services
Department: Shareholder enquiries
Telephone: 0871 664 0300. From outside the UK: (+44) 203 728 5000

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